International Travel/Trade

Attracting overseas visitors to Maine is a vital part of MOT’s mission. Such visitors help MOT meet important goals of its 5-Year Plan. Those visitors:

  • Spend more and stay longer
  • Stay in paid accommodations
  • Are less likely to cancel due to changes in weather
  • Fill in midweek and off-season gaps

As one of the five state partners of Discover New England (DNE), Maine is an active participant in DNE’s overseas initiatives, which range from sales missions and media/travel trade familiarization (fam) trips to joint marketing partnerships and consumer travel shows. Target markets, in partnership with DNE and other New England states, include: the UK, Ireland, Germany, China, Australia, New Zealand and France. Other markets are also being considered.

As a DNE member, MOT works directly with travel-trade professionals to promote Maine destinations, experiences and businesses for groups and FITs (foreign independent travelers). Maine benefits directly from DNE activities in-market and stateside by seeing increases in overseas visitation and spending annually. MOT continues its work through one-on-one sales calls and media and PR efforts.

MOT, and other DNE members, will expand their work with Brand USA. They will use a mix of paid and earned media in targeted overseas markets. MOT’s efforts will be aimed at Brand USA pillars best representing Maine experiences: ‘The Great Outdoors’ and ‘Culinary.’ MOT will also build relationships with key tour operators who provide services to Chinese visitors. MOT now has Chinese and Japanese in-language web pages with video, hosted on Brand USA websites. MOT is working with Brand USA to develop more in-language content, including videos and micro sites, and by expanding Maine content on its site, Additionally, MOT is using special marketing opportunities Brand USA provides in MOT’s core overseas markets.

MOT attended top international travel-trade events in the US in 2018, including:

  • Discover New England Summit, April 2018, Cape Cod, MA
  • US Travel Association’s IPW, May 2018, Denver, CO

In 2019, MOT plans to attend:

  • Discover New England Summit, May 2019, Foxwoods Resort Casino, CT
  • US Travel Association’s IPW, June 2019, Anaheim, CA