Destination Development

Helping Maine areas and communities build a tourism economy

The primary focus of destination development is on rural-destination areas in Maine that are in decline. Destination development requires looking at the entire tourism system within a destination area holistically; working with an organized, committed group of local leaders to monitor meetings and assessing where destination areas are in the development process; offering direction, guidance and advice; and facilitating access to appropriate State of Maine resources when and as they are available.

Donna Moreland, MOT’s Destination Development Specialist, shadows chosen destination development areas and functions as an advisor. Currently, Donna is working in Moosehead, Katahdin, Maine West and Aroostook areas. Contact Donna at 207-624-9808 or at

Here are some documents to help Maine areas and regions assess whether they might benefit from destination development assistance:

Readiness for Destination Development


Steps in Development Process3