Staff Directory

Steve Lyons

Phone: 207-624-7483
Email: [email protected]

Contact Steve for questions regarding overall strategy and administration of the Office of Tourism’s tourism marketing program, and presentations at conferences and other tourism-related special events.

Donna Moreland

Destination Development Specialist
Phone: 207-624-9808
Email: [email protected]

Contact Donna for questions regarding rural destination and product development and for fostering rural tourism business.

Jennifer Geiger

Communications Manager
Phone: 207-624-7454
Email: [email protected]

Contact Jennifer for questions regarding PR, state media and industry communication, stakeholder meetings and the Governor’s Conference on Tourism, and to receive the industry newsletter.

Hannah Collins

Deputy Director
Phone: 207-624-7456
Email: [email protected]

Contact Hannah with questions about Maine’s Destination Management Plan, Cruise Maine, and regional destination marketing.

Lisa Poulin

Secretary Associate
Phone: 207-624-7483
Email: [email protected]

Contact Lisa for general inquiries and fulfillment requests

Micki Mullen

Marketing Manager
Phone: 207-624-7495
Email: [email protected]

Contact Micki for questions regarding MOT’s advertising program, research, and fulfillment.

Chiara Moriconi

Senior Tourism Officer
Phone: 207-624-9809
Email: [email protected]

Contact Chiara for questions regarding the development of group tour, domestic and international itineraries, meetings development, and tourism-related Maine Communities, Marketing Enterprise and Special Event grants.


Abbe Levin

Cultural Tourism Consultant
Phone: 207-633-6141
Email: [email protected]

Contact Abbe for questions regarding arts, cultural and heritage tourism in Maine.

Christine Rosen

Development Project Officer
Phone: 207-592-6251
Email: [email protected]

Contact Christine for questions regarding travel shows and the Maine tourism assets inventory project and related product development.

Office of Outdoor Recreation

Carolann Ouellette

Director, Office of Outdoor Recreation
Phone: 207-624-9824
Email: [email protected]