PR Opportunities

Marshall Communications Oversees Extensive Public-Relations and Media Program for MOT

Marshall Communications handles the public relations/earned media program, as well as organic social media for the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT).

As a vital component of an integrated, research-driven approach to marketing, the MOT’s public relations/earned media program communicates Maine’s unique point-of-difference to generate a greater understanding of the Maine lifestyle. It extends the reach of Maine’s message by penetrating markets beyond the scope of paid advertising and supports the campaign’s messages and media mix.

By working with a wide range of media (including print, broadcast and digital) and focusing on Maine’s “most wanted” media list, we tell the stories that build upon Maine’s brand of originality, empowering the media and influencers to become our storytellers.

The strategy of the program is implemented as follows:

  • Proactively pitching story ideas to regional, national and international media outlets in several genres, including travel, food/wine, lifestyle (general and niche) and news.
  • Communication with the media/influencers to provide the latest information on Maine as a travel destination that embodies an aspirational lifestyle of originality as well as highlighting the iconic and beloved aspects of the Maine experience.
  • Planning familiarization visits to Maine for key media and influencers to generate content that covers the depth and breadth of Maine travel experiences.
  • Hosting media events in New York City and beyond.
  • Providing support, information and assets to media/influencers covering Maine as needed.
  • Generating engagement with the media and public through social platforms, reaching a broader audience and presenting a wide variety of visually appealing and timely content on a daily basis.
  • Planning familiarization visits to Maine for key tour operators in Maine’s targeted overseas markets.
  • Attending international trade shows.
  • Providing support, information and assets to international tour operators interested in Maine as needed.
  • Building itineraries for international tour operators with the purpose of expanding their Maine product to ensure longer stays and deeper travel into Maine.

Within the state of Maine, public relations includes:

  • Providing marketing support to the regional tourism organizations as requested.
  • Managing MOT’s PR Partners Program – a database of Maine businesses interested in hosting media/influencers/international tour operators. Click MOT_PR_Partner brochure_2015-05-06 to download more information about the PR Partners program. Click MOT_PR_Partner_Application editable to download an application to join.

Social Media

Social media plays a pivotal and cost-effective role in the process of acquiring first-time visitors and bringing repeat visitors to Maine. It allows Maine to engage with audiences on a number of platforms for an extended period of time. With the popularity of social platforms in our ever-changing digital world, the lines between earned and paid media are often blurred.

Marshall Communications manages MOT platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.

The tactics include:

  • Motivating our target audience to actively follow Maine on social platforms by sharing their posts/images/videos and responding directly to their comments on a daily basis.
  • Keeping stories alive by sharing published articles through social channels to keep the conversation going.
  • Boosting posts that resonate with our current audience to reach a broader audience.
  • Seeking opportunities to collaborate with influencers who can provide extensive exposure for Maine.