Office of Tourism PR Opportunities

Public-Relations and Media Program

As a vital component of an integrated, research-driven approach to marketing, MOT’s PR/earned media program focuses on building beneficial relationships with the media – including food, travel and lifestyle writers across print, broadcast and digital media, as well as digital influencers. These relationships help extend the reach of Maine’s paid media by securing third party endorsements that communicate Maine’s desirability as a destination and empowers the media and influencers to become our storytellers.

Marshall Communications handles the public relations/earned media program, as well as organic social media for the Maine Office of Tourism (MOT) and is our lead media contact.

Our strategy involves creating a steady stream of media coverage and engagement, both in traditional and social media, with messaging that conveys responsible and sustainable travel; diversity, equity and inclusion; and inspires desire to experience Maine’s many assets with the ultimate goal of supporting Maine businesses / organizations and growing Maine’s economy.

How can you help?

Within the state of Maine, public relations includes:

  • Monthly and seasonal updates to the media, sharing updates on new lodging options, attractions and experiences. We are always looking for new ideas and welcome input from the industry!
  • Managing MOT’s PR Partners Program – a database of Maine businesses interested in hosting media/influencers/international tour operators. The PR Partners program helps bring interested print, digital and broadcast journalists, photographers, bloggers, influencers, and international tour operators to our state to experience, firsthand, the best of Maine. The state of Maine and the businesses and organizations involved in the program have benefited from millions of media impressions generated.
  • Read more about the PR Partners Program or download an application to join.

If you have updates to share or are interested in hosting travel writers and influencers, please contact Charlene Williams at Marshall Communications by emailing [email protected]